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Subject: Minutes of XACML TC Meeting - May 11, 2006

Minutes of April 11, 2006

  Anne Anderson
  Dr Abbie Barbir
  Kamalendu Biswas
  Argyn Kuketayev
  Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
  Seth Proctor
  Erik Rissanen
  Daniel Engovatov

Quorum was achieved (61% per Kavi)

1. Approval of minutes from April 27
    Approved unanimously

2. ITU-T
    Consented to vote on XACML, Recommendation X.1142
    This reflects a lot of work by Abbie, Anne and Hal

3. Repository Issue
    Argyn proposed using a wiki as a simple mechanism to record example

    Anne raised issue that some policies will need storage facility and
    that it may be differentiated by known ancestry.

    Hal offered to start on the wiki and see how it works.

    Bill created a space on the wiki for "Policy Examples"

4. Review of proposed Attribute model
    Daniel reviewed his proposal for generally handling Attributes in
    Target definitions using extensible CategoryIds, etc.

    Not directly backwards compatible, but XACML v2 can be converted to
    this format directly and reverse mapping is possible.

    Daniel will be posting his work here:

5. SAML Profile status
    Anne has not heard back from Eve yet, will follow up.
    Erik found a couple of typos, will post to list.

6. F2F
    The TC is not ready for a F2F at this juncture. The topic is tabled
    for a month.

7. Erik reviewed the discussion he and Frank had on the list with
    Attribute passing.
    Resolution of this issue will occur at the next meeting. Please
    review the thread on the list.

meeting adjourned.

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