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Subject: Minutes of June 8, 2006 XACML TC Meeting - UPDATE #2

Minutes of June 8, 2006

   Anne Anderson
   Abbie Barbir
   Kamalendu Biswas
   Argyn Kuketayev
   Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Ron Williams
   David Staggs
   Michiharu Kudo

Quorum was achieved (61% per Kavi) *

1. Approval of minutes from May 25
     Approved unanimously

2. SAML Profile update

    The Working Draft #1 that Anne posted (linked from TC Web Page
    under "Work in Progress") was a major extension of the SAML Profile
    2.0; it involved defining a tree of SAML extended elements that could
    contain our XACML 2.0 SAML extensions.  But, based on comments
    received from Scott Cantor and Eve Maler, it looks like that is not
    the right way to go from an XML usage point of view.  The TC will
    go back to what is now in the SAML Profile 2.0 Errata, plus more
    explanation and examples of how to use the XACML extensions with
    xsi:type.  Anne hopes to have WD#2 ready for review by the end of

3. XACML Comments
    There were two questions to the list. The first was a question
    concerning syntax discrepancy for string concatenation (URL vs. URI).

    ACTION: Anne will investigate and report back to the list.

    The second question involved Delegation. Erik responded to the author
    asking for clarification.

meeting adjourned.

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