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Subject: Re: [xacml] Schedule for XACML 3.0?

Robin Cover wrote:
 > Can you describe the kind of tool that you would like
 > to see provided for tracking status of TC issues? (Or: name one
 > that you'd want to use?)
 > I think the editors of these issues lists probably use standard
 > editing tools for XML, and the output is pretty nice:

i personally, would like a tool that can maintain the state and work of 
issues as they are worked on. TC members should be able to modify/create 
issues, while oasis members should be able to comment. i have used Jira 
quite a bit in the past, but i think something like trac could be a 
viable alternative given the simplicity of our needs. i am sure there 
are other alternatives...

i looked at the links below and outside of the output they are fairly 
similar to our wiki page (with more detail):


how are the issues actually managed? i don't see a reference to the tool 
used to modify the content/state. am i missing something?

in a nutshell, i would like to have access to a tool that doesn't 
require me to edit text, but allows the community to work on issues 
directly. (XML is great and all but i look at it as an interchange 
format, not as a tool ;)

make sense?



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