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Subject: New Issue#83: CORE ERRATA: error in 7.15.3 Missing attributes

Section 7.15.3 says that the absence of matching attributes referenced 
"in the policy" "SHALL result" in a decision of "Indeterminate". This is 
INCORRECT. Unless an AttributeDesignator or AttributeSelector contains 
the "MustBePresent" XML attribute, it will evaluate to an empty bag if 
its referenced Attribute is not present in the Request Context. An empty 
bag does not necessarily result in "Indeterminate" - you have to look at 
the definition and use context of each XACML function to determine how 
it deals with an empty bag. For some functions, such as "type-bag-size", 
"type-is-in", "type-intersection", an empty bag is a normal input to the 
function. Also, in the Target element MatchId functions, an empty bag 
parameter results in "NotApplicable" rather than "Indeterminate".

I stumbled across this in checking a claim by one of the interop 
participants that "the definition of Indeterminate seems to be ambiguous".

Anne H. Anderson             Email: Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
1 Network Drive,UBUR02-311     Tel: 781/442-0928
Burlington, MA 01803-0902 USA  Fax: 781/442-1692

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