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Subject: Re: [xacml] New Issue#83: CORE ERRATA: error in 7.15.3 Missingattributes

I concur with both of these.


Erik Rissanen wrote:
> I am correcting this in 3.0 and the errata. I changed it to "may result"
> since it is not certain the end result will be indeterminate. There
> could be another policy which works and is selected by the policy
> combining algorithm. I also added "if the designator or selector has the
> MustBePresent XML attribute set to true", to not confuse with empty bags.
> While looking into this I think I have found another minor error. In
> section 5.42 it says:
> ---
> If the node selected by the specified XPath expression is not one of
> those listed above (i.e. a text node, an attribute node, a processing
> instruction node or a comment node), then the result of the enclosing
> */policy/* SHALL be "Indeterminate" with a StatusCode value of
> "urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:1.0:status:syntax-error".
> ---
> I think this is incorrect. It should be that the value of the attribute
> selector element is indeterminate, not the enclosing policy. The value
> of the policy (or rule actually) would depend on the combining
> algorithm, which could find another policy which it prefers.
> Do you agree with me?
> Regards,
> Erik
> Anne Anderson - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>>Section 7.15.3 says that the absence of matching attributes referenced
>>"in the policy" "SHALL result" in a decision of "Indeterminate". This
>>is INCORRECT. Unless an AttributeDesignator or AttributeSelector
>>contains the "MustBePresent" XML attribute, it will evaluate to an
>>empty bag if its referenced Attribute is not present in the Request
>>Context. An empty bag does not necessarily result in "Indeterminate" -
>>you have to look at the definition and use context of each XACML
>>function to determine how it deals with an empty bag. For some
>>functions, such as "type-bag-size", "type-is-in", "type-intersection",
>>an empty bag is a normal input to the function. Also, in the Target
>>element MatchId functions, an empty bag parameter results in
>>"NotApplicable" rather than "Indeterminate".
>>I stumbled across this in checking a claim by one of the interop
>>participants that "the definition of Indeterminate seems to be

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