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Subject: Re: [xacml-demo-tech] Opportunity at RSA US for XACML InterOp

Would definitely like to see more function feature to be shown, so based upon that we would be interested

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10/09/2007 08:34 AM


[xacml-demo-tech] Opportunity at RSA US for XACML InterOp

I have been in negotiation with RSA for some time over a space for an
InterOp at the US event as this was the consensus of the group.

They want more details and a compelling abstract, are we sticking with the
same scenario or doing something different? Based on list traffic, it looks
like a lot of new features are being discussed.

That said; I need a 'solid' idea of participants before I can even make a
guess at costs. They are very tight on space, so the sooner the better on
your reply.

Dee Schur
OASIS Member Support

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