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Subject: Re: FW: [xacml] Feedback: My presentation at CSI Annual 2007 thisweek

Will the SAML corporate sponsors frown if we reuse a portion of the SAML 
focus area for xacml (considering that there is a SAML 2 profile for XACML)?

This is only if we find that there is not enough 
funding/interest/volunteers available to do a separate xacml focus area.

Carol Geyer wrote:
> OASIS would be happy to create an XACML XML.org Focus Area, similar to the ones
> we're working on now for SAML and BPEL, and the existing ones for DITA,
> OpenDocument, UDDI, and ebXML. The sites serve as online communities where
> everyone is welcome to register and contribute content.
> XML.org Focus Areas feature a Wiki Knowledgebase of collaborative pages on
> topics related to using and understanding an OASIS Standard. They also
> incorporate sections for:
> * company press releases, announcements, and news articles 
> * schedule of upcoming conference presentations, webinars, training classes,
> * products and services listings
> * directory of links to white papers, slide presentations, case studies, and
> other materials
> * testimonials
> * blogs
> * forums
> Funding to create and maintain XML.org Focus Areas is provided by corporate
> sponsorships. Content oversight is handled by a TC or a subset of TC members.
> If you're interested in discussing this further, I'd be happy to provide more
> details on an upcoming TC call or schedule a separate call--whichever makes
> sense for the TC.
> Carol
> _________________________________
> Carol Geyer
> Director of Communications
> +1.978.667.5115 x209 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Anil Saldhana [mailto:Anil.Saldhana@redhat.com] 
> Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 11:28 AM
> Subject: Re: [xacml] Feedback: My presentation at CSI Annual 2007 this week
> I also want to mention that there was a presentation from Abbie (cannot 
> remember 2005 or 2006) that basically answered the confusion about SAML2 
> and XACML2, that I found online (did not use the material in my 
> presentation as I saw it after I delivered).
> This is the reason why I felt the need for a Focus Area for XACML (just 
> like the one being done for SAML) that can group together presentations, 
> articles etc.
> Anil Saldhana wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  I had a presentation at the Computer Security Institute (CSI) Annual 
>> Conference 2007 in Washington DC on Tuesday (Nov.6). [1]
>> Title: *Robust Web-Based Security Using OASIS SAML and XACML
>> *There were lot of curious folks out there who wanted to learn more 
>> about SAML 2 and XACML 2.
>> There were some folks who were confused with the role of SAML2 in 
>> XACML2 and whether there was a dependence on SAML2 for XACML. Plus can 
>> SAML2 do its own authorization etc.  I think we have to do a better 
>> job at educating folks about these questions (I know the answers and 
>> have told the attendees).
>> Regards,
>> Anil
>> [1] https://www.cmpevents.com/CSI34/a.asp?option=C&V=11&SessID=5757

Anil Saldhana
Project/Technical Lead,
JBoss Security & Identity Management
JBoss, A division of Red Hat Inc.

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