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xacml message

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Subject: MInutes TC Meeting 13 March 2008

1. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
    Rich Levinson
    Anil Saldhana
    David Staggs
    Anthony Nadalin

Voting Members: 6 of 8 (75%) (used for quorum calculation)

2. Minutes
    Minutes from 28 February 2008 posted immediately prior to meeting.
    TC will vote on this at the next meeting.

3. Administrivia
    Doc Types
    Hal reviewed the Oasis document publishing guidelines.

    Attribute Identifiers & Namespace FAQ Suggestion
    This is an Oasis issue, but in general the oasis namespace
    is reserved and should not be used for private implementations.

    XACML Semantics (xacml-comment)
    A link was posted to the comment list referencing
    "proof-theoretic formal semantics for XACML". The Secretary will
    add this to the reference links on the TC website.

    Condition and FunctionId attribute (xacml-comment)
    The TC is directed to evaluate the concerns raised by the poster.

4. Issues
    JAXB Question
    This was resolved in the last meeting.

    xPath node change
    Since Erik was not on the call this issue is deferred to the list
    to explore the alternative approaches.

meeting adjourned.

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