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Subject: Re: [xacml-demo-tech] Fall Forum

Dee Schur wrote:
> This is the event we discussed this morning,
> http://events.oasis-open.org/home/forum/2008. The program committee has
> held
> a space for an XACML InterOp at Ditton - plus a presentation spot focused
> on
> international healthcare.
> I was delighted to hear the positive response. I don't think we need to
> re-gear the scenario too much but we need to be mindful of the European
> focus of this event. This is a very different audience; we tend to draw
> many
> folks (public and private) from Europe and Asia. Please confirm if you may
> be interested, this is not a commitment, I'd like to keep the space open
> in
> the programme.

Symlabs is very interested in the Ditton Manor event. We are
interested in participating in the XACML interop and I would be
interested in presenting on healthcare from perspective
of a EU funded research project, TAS3, I am participating on.
It is international, at least on EU scale.


> Thanks!
> Dee

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