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Subject: Re: [xacml] Passing parameters to the attribute designator


it would be better to expose the broader use-case you are interested in 
here. My guess is that it has something to do with enterprise 
infra-structure or the policy creation or administration model or the 
way resource meta-data is stored. A more general formulation focusing on 
the use-case would get more attention within the TC.

The original XACML use-case tends to focus only a "pure" policy language 
and rules for its execution. This makes sense as the main concern was an 
interoperable policy language. But there are much broader use-cases that 
need to be dealt with before XACML can have a larger practical impact...

- prateek
> I believe there must be a case when the context handler must be given 
> additional information to retrieve an attribute when using attribute 
> designators. This additional information may be kept within the 
> policies that reference the designator and will serve as parameters to 
> the evaluation procedure of the designator. Naturally, this applies to 
> only those cases when the attribute referenced is not actually present 
> in the request context as XACMLv2.0 specification mentions how 
> the referenced attributes must be matched when present in the request 
> context.
> This additional context passed to the handler can be a property 
> list/name-value pairs as the combiner parameters.
> Thoughts ?
> Regards,
> Anil

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