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Subject: Re: [xacml] Passing parameters to the attribute designator

Erik Rissanen wrote:
> This issue falls under the broader issue of attribute provisioning, 
> which I think is very important and currently somewhat underspecified in 
> the XACML world. But this is much because by design XACML chose to 
> abstract away this kind of details. This kind of abstraction makes XACML 
> more generally applicable and adaptable to different environments and 
> growth over time.
> [...]
> So I am opposed to the proposed change in the XACML schema.

For what it's worth I agree with Erik here. This issue has actually come 
up a couple of times before. As I recall, the last time was when Anne 
and I were looking at some related issues, and she decided to take a 
stab at starting to define some basic provisioning configuration. As it 
(quickly) grew very complex, I was of the opinion that this is something 
best configured separately, rather than trying to wedge it into the 
already somewhat verbose policies.

I think the main issue in my mind boils down to how people are likely to 
use his feature. I have not yet come across any real-world scenarios 
where people want to define different configuration within the same 
policy for various Designators. This is the only strong argument I can 
think of for including configuration in the policy itself. As long as 
configuration is defined per-policy or, more likely, per-PDP, then doing 
the configuration separately seems like a much cleaner approach.


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