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Subject: Re: [xacml] The new advice "obligation"

Anil Saldhana wrote:
> Erik Rissanen wrote:
>> Like this:
>> <Policy>
>>   ....
>>   <Advice AdviceId="urn:...." AppliesTo="Permit">
>>     <AttributeAssignment>.....</>
>>   </Advice>
>> </Policy>
> I was asking why there is a need for this new element "Advice".  If I
> do not know the requirement (what I called context), I cannot
> participate in this discussion. :(
> I kind of joined the TC phone discussion late and got my mind turned off.

The <Advice> (if we call it so) is similar to an obligation, but it can
be ignored by the PEP. It is intended as extra information about the
decision, like a reason for why an access was permitted or denied. Not
as a requirement for the PEP to perform an action.

Best regards,

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