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Subject: Re: [xacml] The new advice "obligation"

> The <Advice> (if we call it so) is similar to an obligation, but it  
> can
> be ignored by the PEP. It is intended as extra information about the
> decision, like a reason for why an access was permitted or denied. Not
> as a requirement for the PEP to perform an action.
> Best regards,
> Erik

I think this is a bad naming idea.   XACML should not be in the  
business of prescribing what PEP does with decision metadata, and  
certainly we should not enshrine it in the schema.  As I have already  
mentioned, "obligation" was a bad choice of a term to start with.

Simple fact is that decision is not a boolean, and it is  
implementation/profile defined what any other facet of the decision  
means.   We should just pick a neutral term and leave everything else  
to profiles.


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