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Subject: Deprecation?


How do we phase out old functionality from XACML, in general?

I don't think this has been an issue previously, but in 3.0 we have 
replaced old functions and data types with better ones, like the old 
xpath functions which did not handle namespaces properly. I think it 
would be good if we had an idea of how to do this in general.

Some considerations are:

- We want to support all of 2.0 in 3.0, so does this mean that we 
include all the 2.0 functions in the list of functions, or do we simply 
state that all of 2.0 is also mandatory, and keep only the "new and 
better" functions in the 3.0 list? (I think I would prefer to have only 
the new functions in the 3.0 spec, with a general reference to the 2.0 

- Do we want to indicate in some manner that the old functions might be 
removed as mandatory in future versions, and that people should avoid 
using them?

- With respect to the 2.0 compatibility, do we reference 2.0 OS or 2.0 

- What terminology should we use when we explain this in the spec. Is 
the term "deprecated" a good one, or does it have some other meaning 
than what we intend?

- Does OASIS have guidelines/rules for how to do this?

Any ideas?

Best regards,

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