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xacml message

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Subject: Minutes 29 January 2009 TC meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT
Tel: 512-225-3050 Access Code: 65998


10:00 - 10:05 Roll Call 

	Voting Members

	Erik Rissanen  	Axiomatics AB
	Bill Parducci 	Individual
	Rich Levinson 	Oracle Corporation
	Hal Lockhart 	Oracle Corporation
	John Tolbert 	The Boeing Company
	Duane DeCouteau Veterans Health Administration
	David Staggs 	Veterans Health Administration

 Approve Minutes
   of 22 January 2009 TC Meeting

   Approve corrected minutes
   of 15 January 2009 TC Meeting

	approved both no objection

10:05 - 11:00 Issues


   Federal Register Notice requiring use of XACML by Federal 
   agencies in certain situations

	Dave: recommends reading email and attachment sent out where
	 xacml reqts for fed govt achieved

	Dave encourages TC members to consider joining XSPA TC,
	 in particular, to consider participating in HIMSS demo.
	 RedHat, Sun have joined xspa tc and plan to
	  participate in himss demo

	From above email: "The XSPA profile of XACML will be featured 
	 in the OASIS-HITSP Demonstration of TP20 at the HIMSS Showcase 
	 in early April.  There is still time to participate and we still 
	 have room in the booth for more participants."

    ->  Rich: post something on web page

   US gov't announcement of OASIS security standards milestone

 Prelim before issues:
   Hal: need to take the time so people understand the issues
    (because possibly people have not been able to get fully
     cognizant of the details and things can get thru w/o
     adequate scrutiny by several members - just a concern,
     no explicit evidence, but encourages people to speak up
     if they need more time or discussion on issues)
   Erik: need to combine efficiency of processing as well

     - minutes should reflect discussion and scribes should
	interrupt if not clear

 New Issues:


    Hal: oasis has no process for this; other stds orgs follow a
	mix of procedures; no industry consensus.

    Hal: key issue is 3.0 features are improvement over 2.0 and that
	we need to continue 2.0 support.

    Hal: not ITUT "SHALL" was used rather than "MUST".(desirable to
	align w them) - Hal will check into it.

    Bill: need verbage for considering deprecation to give people
	ready alerts

    Hal: should avoid new policies w old stuff.

    Erik: uses "deprecation" more in sense of "legacy features".

    Erik: would like to have 3.0 full list, and say "2.0, as well"
	is still mandatory

    Erik: do we want to refer to errata?

    Hal: yes, errata should be the basis for 3.0.
    Hal: 2.0 chapter about conformance chapter

    Erik: need to go thru 2.0 conformance list and see if makes sense
	and ensure it all is meaningful.

    Erik/Hal: 2 models: "3.0 builds on 2.0"; in prev discussions 3.0
	impls should be able to fcn as 2.0 impls - Hal is it either/or
	or is it one or other.

    Erik: doesn't want full 2.0 impl reqt. 

    Discussion will continue, proposals to be submitted to list, incl
     item from Bill on other stds orgs practices

   Attribute validity times   

    Rich: spec needs to beef up its pointing this out about what
	characteristics attrs have when submitted to canonical form.
	i.e. when context handler translates native form to 
	xacml canonical, the attr may have additional context that
	is meaningful in terms of the validity of the attr - that
	context may be of interest to admins and may be possible
	to be included in admin tools such as PAP when attr defns
	to be included in policies is established.

    Hal: need to keep a sense retaining accuracy of subject - in the
	delegation profile - we talked about metadata (Rich: possibly this
	statement?: "This represents the fact that the context handler 
	can fill in attributes in the request context. (The details of 
	how the context handler found the administrator attribute depend 
	on the PDP implementation and the available attribute sources in 
	the particular implementation.)"

 Carried over from previous meetings:

   Request Context in SAML Profile: which attrs should be returned 
    - deal w wording next week.
    Rich pointed out, off list, that adding phrase, "supplied by the PEP"
     to "A conforming PDP MAY omit those XACML Attributes, supplied by 
     the PEP, ..." would help disambiguate the possibilities of what
     attrs are being referred to that could be omitted, since there
     were none left that could be omitted in previous sentence.

   Hierarchical profile

    Rich: no change - still has action to post to list

   Multiple Decision Request Proposal
    Consolidation and refs to emails for current state of proposal:
    Most recent proposal and objection on correlation problem:

    Hal: posted scheme and Erik said scheme wouldn't work;
     2 issues: 
      1. correlation; use include in resp attr val in response
	if inputs not unambiguous it is responsiblity of req builder
	 to put in whatever they need.
      2. how do we express what items to create virtual req context
	for a single decision within multi-request

	 a. use xml refs
  	 b. use attrs for matching

	Hal: just using xml:id more straight forward
	Erik: correlationId - get multiple results
	Hal: xpath alternative don't need the ref
	Erik: can send in pile of attrs where each contains xml
	Erik: should do xml:id for inputs; for outputs use incl in resp
	 problem in setting up request is doing type matching
	Erik: 2 correlations: input and output xml:id ok on input but
	 would break on output, that is ok.
	Hal: we have rough consensus: Erik has some thoughts in mind
	 to put something together


   RBAC Profile
    Darran volunteered to create a proposal to address 
    use cases he believes may be pertinent to this 3.0

	Darran will try for next week to have something
	 to consider.

   XSPA (Comment List)
    Hal suggested that there is a better source for HL7 

	Hal: Refs: constructs ref'ing HL7 - is there more 
	 authoritative ref than going to interop lists.

	David: what comments need to be addressed:
	Hal: only officially comments to public review list
	 and for those need to show disposition of each,
	 w possible short follow up review.

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