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Subject: Re: [xacml] Issue: Hierarchical profile appears ambiguous andinconsistent

> There are many way to create hierarchical structures.   If we are to 
> publish anything, I think it should be the most generic one that does 
> not introduce any additional concepts to the XACML (like naming schemes 
> and such).

I agree with Daniel on this point. One of the strengths of the XACML 
core (in my opinion) is that it deals with a policy processing model, 
not the specifics of how XACML systems interact with the world around them.

The idea of generic hierarchies is that a PEP should be able to name a 
root, and that should result in a PDP processing multiple requests. How 
that mapping happens is up to some entity outside the scope of XACML. It 
seems to me like what we're really talking about in this thread is a 
profile for specific mechanisms or more detailed examples of actual 
implementation possibilities. I think this kind of clarity is great to 
have, but should be in a separate place from the abstract discussion of 
hierarchies (which I think is also Daniel's point). I also think Erik's 
suggestion makes sense: we should continue to look at these details, but 
move the core docs forward separately.


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