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Subject: Re: [xacml] Issue: Hierarchical profile appears ambiguous and inconsistent

I think the current profile suffers a lot from our decision to use it  
for both XML/XPath based and attribute based approaches.    They are  
distinct enough to be done separately, but we did not have enough  
cycles to do that.

Maybe it is a good time to split and formalize the attribute -based  
approach a bit more - in particular remove any requirements for  
identifiers and any references to URI's.


On Feb 18, 2009, at 10:29 AM, Seth Proctor wrote:

>> There are many way to create hierarchical structures.   If we are  
>> to publish anything, I think it should be the most generic one  
>> that does not introduce any additional concepts to the XACML (like  
>> naming schemes and such).
> I agree with Daniel on this point. One of the strengths of the  
> XACML core (in my opinion) is that it deals with a policy  
> processing model, not the specifics of how XACML systems interact  
> with the world around them.
> The idea of generic hierarchies is that a PEP should be able to  
> name a root, and that should result in a PDP processing multiple  
> requests. How that mapping happens is up to some entity outside the  
> scope of XACML. It seems to me like what we're really talking about  
> in this thread is a profile for specific mechanisms or more  
> detailed examples of actual implementation possibilities. I think  
> this kind of clarity is great to have, but should be in a separate  
> place from the abstract discussion of hierarchies (which I think is  
> also Daniel's point). I also think Erik's suggestion makes sense:  
> we should continue to look at these details, but move the core docs  
> forward separately.
> seth

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