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Subject: Re: [xacml] New core and multiple resource profile

Hi Erik,

I just went over the changes to multiple resource profile and have the following questions:
  1. Section 2.4.3, line 186: Should this say "The Context Handler MUST construct ..."? i.e. it would have to in order to be consistent w the other sections, since this is higher level and includes those sections conceptually - lines 196-198.
  2. Section 2.4.3, lines 190-191: This says that the <Attributes> elements in the generated Request must be in the same order as what? The order of the <AttributesReference> elements in the RequestReference? Assuming so, main question here is whether there is any significance to this order. i.e. does it matter in an ordinary request what order the Attributes elements, each with a different Category come in?
  3. Section 2.4.3, lines 192-194: I am confused by this paragraph. It says: "If ..., there MUST be exactly one Response ...". My impression is that it is always true that there must be one Response for everything in the original Request, and that if the original Request is broken up into multiple individual Requests by the ContextHandler, that then each of those individual Requests will produce one or more Results and all the Results from all the individual Requests will be packaged into one Response. It also seems to say this as an after thought on line 198-199. It would probably be better, if that is what is intended to state this at the beginning and not piece it together along the way.
  4. Finally, I have a question on correlation of Results to RequestReferences. The RequestReference uses the xml:id as we all agreed to identify each Attributes element involved with the RequestReference. So, how now are we supposed to correlate the Responses? This issue was discussed at length in Jan but seems to have dropped out of the picture without any clear resolution. It would seem possible with xml:id, that possibly each RequestReference could have its own xml:id and that this xml:id could be put in the Result element by the ContextHandler while it is constructing the Response.

Erik Rissanen wrote:
49AD05B2.1040907@axiomatics.com" type="cite">All,

I have posted new drafts of the core and the multiple resource profile. See the change logs and tracked changes for details.

As far as I can tell, we don't have any open issues on the following specs:

- Core
- Multiple resource
- Administration
- Privacy
- Dsig

The hierarchical profile is being discussed currently and there was discussion about improving the RBAC profile.

The proposed work on the RBAC profile seems in very early stages and the issue (policies about management of roles) is a major topic, so I propose that we don't bring this in 3.0.

So, could we agree on a feature freeze on the above mentioned profiles? If so, all of the expect hierarchical are ready for review before going to committee draft.

I also propose that if we don't get resolutions on the issues in the hierarchical profile soon and it would appear that there are major changes required, then we use the old version of that profile. However, my understanding is that Rich has pretty much completed the work on that. I haven't had the time to review it myself yet, but I will do so now.

So, given the above, can we agree on the following?

- everybody reviews the above mentioned profiles
- We correct any mistakes
- I will fix the metadata, references, namespaces, etc,
- Go CD with the above

One final issue: we need to update the acknowledgements section of the core. What goes in there? My name is not in there, and I would like to include it. :-) I presume that we keep all the old names, right? John Tolbert has requested to be added. Anybody else?

Best regards,

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