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Subject: CD-1 issue #25: meaning of "EntireHierarchy"

The issue number refers to the XLS-sheet found in this email:

The line numbers in the comment seem to be off, but I think he is 
referring to section 3.1.

The commenter has misunderstood the meaning of the "EntireHierarchy" 
functionality. He thinks that the initial XPath expression is used to 
select a number nodes, and the each of these nodes is checked.

However, the profile intends (unless I am mistaken) that the initial 
XPath expression selects a single node, and then access is checked for 
each descendant node to this node.

I can see that the text is ambigious since it simply says (section 
3.1.3) "For each node in the requested hierarchy", with no definition of 
what "requested hierarchy" is.

I think we must improve the text to make it clear.

I propose that we instead write "For the initial node selected by the 
resource-id and all descendant nodes"

Best regards,

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