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Subject: F2F Agenda Topics

With the F2f rapidly approaching, we need to start nailing down the agenda. In the past we have chunked up the discussion topics so that we can make sure to cover as many of them as possible, while driving the largest/most difficult issues to completion as the primary driver. To that end I would like to propose that we again break the days in half thus and then dissect from there as needed:

 Tuesday 8-12
 Tuesday 1-5
 Wednesday 8-12
 Wednesday 1-5
 Thursday 8-12

Below is a non-exhaustive list of open issues.

  Attribute Predicate
  PIP Directive
  JSON Profile
  Obligation/Advice Combining
  PAP Interface
  RSA Interop
  "Web Friendly" Policy Ids
  "Sticky" Policies
  XACML Metadata Schema

I suggest that we begin by fleshing out this list, then prioritize and schedule those topics that have the most interest and will have champions in attendance. My goal is to have a candidate agenda for the TC call next Thursday so please take a few moments to chime in with your thoughts.



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