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Subject: Minutes 20 February 2014 TC meeting

Minutes for 20 February 2014 TC meeting

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes
  Voting Members:
   Hal Lockhart (chair)
   Bill Parducci (chair)
   Crystal Hayes
   Richard Hill
   Mohammad Jafari
   Steven Legg
   Rich Levinson
   Erik Rissanen
   Remon Sinnema
   John Tolbert

   Martin Smith (Observer)

   Quorum Achieved - 100% (per Oasis)

  Minutes 6 February 2014 TC Meeting 
   APPROVED unanimously

II. Adminstrivia
  Process proposal
   Hal: suggest that we carry on the meeting, formally adjourn, then
        discuss interoperability issues. Meeting notes for this will 
        be posted separately from these minutes. 

   The TC concurs with approach.

   Mohammad: There is been renewed interest in a new architecture for 
             the Obligation Profile. I would like to present this in a
             future meeting.

  Multi Profile reference errors
   Hal: mechanical errors we discussed on the list.
   Erik: I will continue to validate the remainder of the document 
         references as I edit the Profiles.
  Data Aggregation RFI
   Hal briefly reviewed the RFI notification

  MAP Profile TAB Comments response uploaded
    Richard: I don't believe I updated the versioning correctly. What 
	     is the the correct versioning?
    Hal: It needs to be Working Draft "n+1". 
    Richard: I don't believe that there substantiative with the changes.
    Hal: Based upon the review of the TC it can be voted on to 
         appropriate level.
    Richard: I will repost with correct version.
  SAML Profile WD-17 uploaded
   Erik: This Profile was not a CS. This work is based upon a Working 
         Draft so it must proceed through the full cycle
   Hal: Has this been reviewed? Should we vote for CSD?
   Erik: I would like to perform the final review on references to 
         make sure everything is correct.
  Profile process
    John:  Can we decide as TC when we want to move ahead with the 
           collection of Profiles we have?
    Hal: We have been waiting on a few that have been in process.
    Erik: I will contact David Brossard to get an update on his work.
III. Issues

  XACML double data-type
   Hal: reviewed the issue at a high level and noted that his research 
        showed that the IEEE references need to be updated and that 
        this will require some modifications. This is not an issue 
        related to javascript. I may enter something into an errata 
        and/or wiki addressing this.

  Nested/related entity Profile question
   Rich: reviewed his question and understanding of the Profile. Noting 
         that Steven confirmed his understanding and that he would like 
         to review it in a bit a more detail.
   Steven: It really boils down to how will the problem maps to a tree 
           structure. Trees can be mapped onto a nested model, but it 
           is not recommended.
meeting adjourned.

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