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Subject: Minutes 13 September 2018 TC meeting

Time: 4:30 PM EST (-0400 GMT)
Tel: 1-712-775-7031
Access Code: 620-103-760

Minutes for 13 September 2018 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes
 Voting members
  Steven Legg
  Rich Levinson
  David Brossard
  Michael Good
  Hal Lockhart (Co-Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair)

  Martin Smith

  Voting Members: 6 of 6 (100%) (used for quorum calculation) 
   Bill: we have quorum

  Approve Minutes19 July 2018
  Approve Minutes 16 August 2018
    Hal: minutes approved for both, no objections heard

II. Administrivia
  Rich updated the XACML website, found an issue with REST Profile versioning...

REST/JSON status
   Public review requests have been submitted. I suspect Public Review will
   begin within a week or so. [Reviewed history of Profiles] Rich noticed REST Profile 
   listed as v1.1 and 1.0. In 2014 the TC raised the version of the Profile as part of a 
   modification with respect to compatibility with XACML v3.0. 
   I would like to confirm that the REST Profile will be recorded as v1.1 and the JSON 
   Profile would be recorded as 1.0.
   The current JSON Profile doesn't make reference to policies. Should we modify the title 
   to make note of this?
   That would require a reset on the approval process.
   I think consistency is important with respect to consistency.
   My tendency is to not roll REST Profile back to v1.0, keep it v1.1

  [Rich] I move to change the JSON Profile from v1.0 to v1.1 to provide consistency with the REST Profile and to reflect recent changes.
   I don't believe this is a material change since the mechanisms are not modified.
   Approved unanimously.

III. Issues/Open Discussion

   Hal to talk to TC Admin about timing of version change request.

   I believe we have to create a new Working Draft to reflect the version change.

meeting adjourned.

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