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Subject: [xcbf] XCBF Meeting

Dear XCBF Members,

The first meeting of the OASIS XML Common Biometric
Format (XCBF) Technical Committee (TC) will be held
by telephone next Monday, March 18, 2002. 

All Participants should use the following information
to reach the conference call in the USA:

  *  PARTICIPANT CODE:  661565
  *  International Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:  
     865 - 525 - 4165

The call is scheduled for 12 noon EST and will last no
more than one hour. To determine call time from your 
location see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/.

A proposed agenda for this meeting will be posted to 
the XCBF web page prior to the start of the meeting.

Phillip H. Griffin      Griffin Consulting
http://ASN-1.com        Secure ASN.1 Design & Implementation
+1 919 291 0019         1625 Glenwood Avenue
+1 919 832 7390 (fax)   Hayes Barton at Five Points
phil.griffin@ASN-1.com  Raleigh, North Carolina 27608-2319 USA

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