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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Next Meeting Arrangements


Since you'll have the primary input document for
the discussion, it would be most helpful if you 
could post something for review a week before the

I'm particularly concerned about the scope, as the
text I've provided in the charter leaves much to
be desired. If you can do intermediate postings
as you go, perhaps I and others can help you some
by providing feedback and suggestions.

I'm also very much interested in getting the group
some tutorial type information on XER and CXER and
how these will be used with the proposed schema to
produce XML markup. It's hard even for me sometimes
to tell precisely what is valid by just trying to
read the standards. Examples based on the X9.84
schema could help us all a lot.

The later I think is crucial in getting all of the
members up to speed on using this new technology.
Doing this first should help folks new to ASN.1 as
a schema for XML markup contribute to the work. And
we'll need everyone's help and perspective to meet
our deadlines.


John Larmouth wrote:
> I strongly prefer a NetMeeting.  A short face-to-face is not good value
> for money, and I do not believe we have enough material yet for a long
> face-to-face to be useful.
> Let us try Netmeeting, and if that shows that a face-to-face would be
> beneficial, we can schedule one.
> John l
> Phil Griffin wrote:
> >
> > Dear XCBF Members,
> >
> > The next meeting of our group was scheduled
> > initially to be a one day face to face held
> > in NJ. There has also been a gracious offer
> > made to hold this meeting in San Jose, CA.
> >
> > But several members have contacted me off line
> > and proposed that the meeting be held over the
> > internet using NetMeeting, so that travel time
> > and cost could be held to a minimum.
> >
> > Reasons cited for holding the meeting in this
> > manner include: a) it is better and much less
> > expensive than an audio conference, b) it is
> > immensely less expensive than face-to-face,
> > c) our primary editor is well experienced with
> > conduct of such meetings, and d) NetMeeting will
> > maintain detailed on-line minutes during the
> > meeting.
> >
> > So, could you please take a moment to respond
> > and note your preference and your intention to
> > attend the May 16 XCBF meeting:
> >
> >   A) Face to face in NJ
> >
> >   B) Face to face in CA
> >
> >   C) NetMeeting
> >
> > Phil
> >
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