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Subject: [xcbf] how to join the online xcbf meeting


If you will attend the online meeting, please ensure that you have
Microsoft NetMeeting installed.  If you don't already have it installed,
please do the following to install it (it is already on all Windows 98,
Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines, but needs to be
extracted and installed in order to use it):

1. Click on Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications ->

2. Press Next on the first window that comes up.

2. Enter your name and email address.  Press Next.

3. Ensure that the check box for "Log on to a directory server when
   NetMeeting starts" is NOT checked.  Press Next.

4. Select your line speed.  Press Next.

5. Simply Press Next if you wish to accept the default of shortcuts
   being added to your desktop and Quick Launch Bar.

6.1 Press Next to tune your audio settings (not so important since you
   won't be using audio this time around).

6.2 If a window comes up with "Recording" and "Playback", and with
   "Modem #0 Line Playback" and "ESS Maestro" as the options, select
   "ESS Maestro" for both "Recording" and "Playback".

6.3 Press Test to test your sound card.  Press Stop (the Test button will
   have changed into the Stop button).  Press Next.

6.4. Say something (anything) to adjust your microphone level.  Press Next.

7. Press Finish to complete setting up NetMeeting.

You will now be in NetMeeting.  

Once in NetMeeting, click on the telephone icon in the top right of the
window and enter Paul's IP address ( in the "To:" field.
Click on the Call button.

If the connection attempt fails, simply try connecting a second time by
entering the IP address.  If no luck, send mail to me (baos@oss.com) and
Paul Thorpe (thorpe@oss.com) and let us know what you are observing.

Once you have a connection, click on the Chat button that is the second
from the left at the bottom of your NetMeeting window.  This will bring
up a chat box.

Bancroft Scott                               Toll Free    :1-888-OSS-ASN1
OSS Nokalva                                  International:1-732-302-0750
baos@oss.com                                 Tech Support :1-732-302-9669 x-1
1-732-302-9669 x-200                         Fax          :1-732-302-0023

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