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Subject: Re: [xcbf] vote from dr paul Gerome

That's three out of four Liaison SC votes in favor. I'll update the
XCBF web page with this information (and add a place for the
SC member names as well - we now have Monica and I as
liaisons to the OASIS SJC and PaulG as liaison to SG17).

If there are others that anyone thinks that we need to consider,
just sing out.


Bancroft Scott wrote:
On Mon, 23 Dec 2002, Phillip H. Griffin wrote:


I propose that the Liaison SC (chaired by Bancroft and having
as members, Tyky, Monica and I) establish a liaison with  ITU-T/
SG17/Q10 and that Dr. Paul Gerome serve as liaison officer
between Q10 and XCBF.
I agree to Dr. Paul Gerome serving as XCBF and ITU-T SG17/Q10.


catherine moussalli wrote:

I vote acceptance.

dr paul Gerome

Phil, expect some days of delay from sensory modality pictograms

To all,

would you consider liaising with ITU-T/SG17/Q10 Security before too long?

dr paul Gerome, ITU-T/SG17/Q10 Telebiometrics Rec. Main Editor

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