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Subject: Re: [xcbf] my summary of today's meeting


Karl Best wrote:

> These are not official meeting minutes, but my summary of what I think 
> happened in today's TC meeting:
> 1. There was not quorum present, so no official decisions could be made.
> 2. Phil has resigned as chair, but offered to stay on as 
> secretary/editor, so the first item of business is to select a new 
> chair. Bancroft Scott has been nominated, and is considering whether 
> to accept the nomination; he will look at the TC Guidelines on the 
> OASIS web page to review the responsibilities. If he decides whether 
> to accept the nomination I will conduct a ballot using the 
> collaborative tools (Kavi). 

I withdrew my offer to serve in any capacity later in the meeting.

> 3. I note a discrepency on the TC's member roster, in that some people 
> are listed as Member but not checked off as a Voting Member; these 
> should be synonymous. I will assume for the purposes of the chair 
> balloting that only the Voting Members are counted for purpose of quorum.

I placed those who I asked in this category if they replied that
they wished to participate as a member and not as an observer.
I wanted to make sure that Kavi allowed them to access all TC
documents and comment as a participant on the list, even though
they had no capacity to vote.

I left them as not voting members until they met the three meeting
or 60 day requirement. This seemed to work correctly when doing
ballots in Kavi.

There should only be three of these, John, Michael and


> 4. There was considerable doubt as to whether the XCBF specification, 
> which was submitted to OASIS for member review/approval as an OASIS 
> Standard, was a version that was approved by the TC as its Committee 
> Specification. As such, I will put on hold the submission that Phil 
> made to me a couple of weeks ago. Some discussion was made regarding 
> some points regarding encoding, and the TC members in attendance 
> seemed to come to a conclusion that they felt would make everyone 
> happy. John Larmouth volunteered to act as ad hoc editor and make a 
> revised version of the specification which, once the TC has a new 
> chair, can be balloted as a new CS then approved for submission to OASIS.
> 5. The next TC meeting is May 9.
> -Karl
> =================================================================
> Karl F. Best
> Vice President, OASIS
> office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
> karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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