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xcbf message

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Subject: "Not found" msg in OASIS Archived material

Hi Webmaster,
I am in the process of finding pointers to relevant XCBF archived email for
the process of submitting open standards.
But I consistently get the msg "Resource Not Found", "Check the URL" when I
click the "View All" of the Emails, or the "List Archives" (URLs below):

They point to the page of OASIS where archived emails are listed by date,
thread, month, but all yield "Resource Not Found" msg and "The requested
URL /css/top.css was not found on this server." msg.
This problem happens not only when I try to access  archives list of  XCBF
TC but for all TCs as well.
 Am I the only one having this problem?

Please check and let me know asap, as I am unable to progress and this is
impacting our schedule.

Best regards,
Tyky Aichelen

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