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Subject: Action items from 3-10-04 meeting



The following list contains the action items arising from the 3-10-04 XDI TC meeting.


Please review them and let me know if there are any corrections needed. All action items will be reviewed at the next official TC meeting which will take place on Monday March 22nd at 5pm PDT


Thank you






* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - BILL BARNHILL and MARC LE MAITRE to add language to charter to clarify the TC position on conformance and interoperability


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - MARC LE MAITRE to modify 3rd bullet in SCOPE section of Charter to add wireless transport protocols


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - MICHAEL WILLETT to produce an introduction to the ISTPA framework to the TC via the mail list


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - DRUMMOND REED to contact XACML TC with respect to liaison


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - MARC LE MAITRE to contact Human Markup Language TC with respect to liaison


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - JEAN-LUC DUBRAY to contact CIQ TC with respect to liaison


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - FEN LABALME and OWEN DAVIS to identify contact with respect to FOAF developments


* ACTION – (CARRIED FORWARD) - LOREN WEST to investigate and report back on Liberty Alliance liaison


* ACTION - ALL to check through WS Resource Framework and WS Notification TCs to see if there are any known members to whom we can communicate


* ACTION – DAVE MCALPIN and DRUMMOND REED to contact both WSRF and WSN TCs and post recap on their findings


* ACTION - DRUMMOND REED to add standing item to agenda to decide on what announcements need to placed on the TC home page to keep it up to date


* ACTION - MARC LE MAITRE to figure out where official TC liaisons can be posted on XDI TC home page


* ACTION – MARC LE MAITRE to update Kavi Calendar to reflect new meeting schedule


* ACTION – FEN LABALME and DRUMMOND REED to post a page on the Wiki with instructions on how to use the template and establishing a simple procedure for adding and editing use cases


* ACTION – DRUMMOND REED and GEOFFREY STRONGIN to inform OASIS management that we will be using the Wiki and to review TC home page link text


* ACTION – DRUMMOND REED to add glossary page to Wiki and add XRI glossary terms to it


* ACTION - GEOFFREY STRONGIN to add to glossary page a description of Kite, Sea, and Fish level


* ACTION – ALL to make additions to Use Cases on Wiki before the next meeting

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