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Subject: [no subject]

I will try to show it with an example and, by the way, I will try to show
the kinds of problems we face in MEDSI:

We have a hospital working as information provider with XDI and we want to
import their updated information through XDI mechanisms. 

We have a couple of tables to store the information about hospitals. One for
hospitals, another one, related 1 to n, for their departments. In a very
simplified way:

HOSPITALS (#hospital_id, name, address)
DEPARTMENTS (#department_id, hospital_id, number_of beds,

And we want to represent that information in an XDI way (authority, type,
instance, data...) to request the information and store it into the
relational database. Our doubts are how tables, fields, and data (registers)
match logical authorities, types, instances and data. 

If you have any clue about this issue, it would be welcome. I'm sure we will
have many chances to analyze this issue during next weeks/months.

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