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Subject: No XRI/ XDI telecon on Thursday 2007-01-18

XRI and XDI TC Members & Observers:


Due to travel/meetings, at least two other TC members and I have conflicts with tomorrow’s meeting. In addition Laurie Rae and I are scheduled to meet with Marty Schleiff all day Friday on XRI Syntax 2.1 and XRI $ Dictionary. So I would suggest foregoing tomorrow’s XRI and XDI TC telecons in favor of Marty and Laurie and I putting out a report about our meeting.


Also, I know Laurie and I are two weeks behind on minutes. Laurie has sent her notes to me; I am the bottleneck due to this travel. I hope to finish consolidation on the train back to Seattle tomorrow night and send them out on Friday.


Next week several other TC members and I plan to attend the VRM Workshop Doc Searls is hosting in S.F. I’m hoping it will wrap before our regular telecon time. I’ll check and send out an update early next week.



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