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Subject: Minutes: XDI TC Telecon Thursday 1-2PM PT 2008-06-05

Following are the minutes of the unofficial telecon of the XDI TC at:

Date:  Thursday, 05 June 2008 USA
Time:  1:00PM - 2:00PM Pacific Time


Markus Sabadello
John Bradley
Drummond Reed
Bill Barnhill


1) XRI 2.0 VOTE

There was agreement that the XRI 2.0 vote will not have any impact on our
plans to move forward with the XDI 1.0 specs.

There was discussion about what changes to XRI the XDI TC, as a customer of
the XRI TC, would like to see in order to facilitate its work. Drummond said
the body of work the XRI TC put off until XRI 3.0 is badly needed by the XDI
RDF model, so he would like to see that work addressed quickly.

John said that implementers of the XDI ATI model do not have the same needs,
and there are still concerns about the "social attacks" that may be possible
with direct concatenation.

Markus, Bill, and Drummond agreed to form a team to prepare a proposal of
the XDI RDF requirements for XRIs to submit to the XRI TC. Others interested
in joining that team should email the list.


It was agreed that the conclusion of the XRI 2.0 vote means we're ready to
begin Working Drafts. We agreed to start a wiki page listing the specs so TC
members can sign up to volunteer as editors.

# DRUMMOND to post this page.


Drummond suggested that we also start a wiki page for organizing and
prioritizing discussion/resolution of our technical topics as we proceed
into spec drafting. There was consensus we should do this.

# DRUMMOND to post this page.
# ALL TC MEMBERS to contribute specific topics/issues they want discussed.

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