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Subject: RE: [xdi] Chat room for weekly calls

This topic has been discussed before in other circles within OASIS. The consensus I perceived from the discussions I was in was that while the IPR policy is that only OASIS hosted sites are usable for dissemination and contribution of IP there are several pragmatic exceptions allowed as the OASIS IT staff develops the tools offered. Currently there is no chat capability, and one is needed by several TCs. Therefore TCs are to decide themselves which tool to use until OASIS provides that facility.  The OASIS IT staff is continually improving the tool set that we have available, and I have no doubt this will be addressed at some point. In the meanwhile it's my opinion that:
a) Soaphub is way too insecure if any TC telecon chats need to be private
b) It's not a standard, it's one man's project. It could go away at any time.
c) Soaphub has no logging, and other features found in XMPP are missing. Don't know if Skype has logging.
d) Skype, while feature rich, is not based on Open Standards.  This means that creating bots to add features to TC telecons, or scribes, is harder. That's a minor thing. The main thing is that using a tool that is not based on Open Standard is IMHO against the spirit of the OASIS organization, unless it is unavoidable. I'm ok with Skype for voice telecon, as for VoIP the available XMPP clients just don't cut it (yet).  I hope Google is working on GTalkOut,GShout,etc ... some kind of Jingle based VoIP bridge to the PSTN. I'd think they are as this would dovetail nicely with their acquisition of GrandCentral last year.
e) IRC meets the standard of openness, but is completely text based. What it does it does very well, but is not suitable as a full messaging platform including clickable hyper-links, images, VoIP, whiteboarding, etc. that XMPP and Skype allow.
f) XMPP is an Open Standard, there's lots of choices for clients and servers, it has logging, and bots exist to act as scribes. I believe it also has all of the features of Skype (including VoIP if you have the client that supports it) and more. That's why it's my preferred choice.  I strongly suspect that if/when a chat server is stood up by OASIS it will be XMPP based.


From: Sakimura Nat
Sent: Fri 2/6/2009 12:36 AM
To: Drummond Reed; 'OASIS - XDI TC'
Subject: RE: [xdi] Chat room for weekly calls

Yes. I would love to use Skype instead.
However, I have got a concern as well.
I was not monitoring closely, but I suppose soaphub is an OASIS approved method of communication. Is that right? Then, there might be some problem wrt using Skype as it is not an "Official" one.
Is it still ok to use it according to the TC rule?

差出人: Drummond Reed [drummond.reed@cordance.net]
送信日時: 2009年2月4日 15:33
宛先: 'OASIS - XDI TC'
件名: [xdi] Chat room for weekly calls

Per Markus’ and Giovanni’s notes, I wholeheartedly agree that having a chat room during our telecons is extremely helpful. However I was frustrated by the soaphub chatroom we used on the last call because you can’t type X3 into it – it only permits single lines of text. IMHO any chat room we use must enable us to type X3.


Since a number of callers are using Skype anyway, is there any reason not to just use a Skype chatroom? Or, if that is a problem, is there any other open chatroom we can use that would allow us to type X3?



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