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Subject: RE: [xdi] Chat room for weekly calls

Yes. I would love to use Skype instead.
However, I have got a concern as well.
I was not monitoring closely, but I suppose soaphub is an OASIS approved method of communication. Is that right? Then, there might be some problem wrt using Skype as it is not an "Official" one.
Is it still ok to use it according to the TC rule?

差出人: Drummond Reed [drummond.reed@cordance.net]
送信日時: 2009年2月4日 15:33
宛先: 'OASIS - XDI TC'
件名: [xdi] Chat room for weekly calls

Per Markus’ and Giovanni’s notes, I wholeheartedly agree that having a chat room during our telecons is extremely helpful. However I was frustrated by the soaphub chatroom we used on the last call because you can’t type X3 into it – it only permits single lines of text. IMHO any chat room we use must enable us to type X3.


Since a number of callers are using Skype anyway, is there any reason not to just use a Skype chatroom? Or, if that is a problem, is there any other open chatroom we can use that would allow us to type X3?



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