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Subject: Minutes: XDI TC Telecon Friday 2012-06-08

Following are the minutes of the unofficial telecon of the XDI TC at:


Date:  Friday, 08 June 2012 USA

Time:  9:00AM - 10:30AM Pacific Time (16:00-17:30 UTC)







Giovanni Bartolomeo 

Markus Sabadello 

Drummond Reed 

Joseph Boyle 

Kari Lippert 








twitter: @wavis



We had a guest presentation from Travis. See more at http://spaciousness.org/.


Also available is a step by step diagram of messaging in Spaciousness, the basic use case that illustrates more general data interchange:



Spaciousness is a graph database for recording user data in any way that users see fit. It provides a single UI paradigm for navigating all types of data. Where the name "Spaciousness" comes from is that it provides a single shell for navigating all graphs in a radial, spatial way according to the user's shifts in attention. The goal is universal data management. In order to do that and retain all the structure, Travis has built this graph database where every edge is itself is a first-class document. What Spaciousness is doing is defining a standard format for a graph edge. It will enable all of a user's tools to apply to all of their data. 


Markus pointed out that it is a binary format, so it can be very efficient. Also, in Spaciousness, everything is content-addressable. This is like Bittorrent, which generates cryptographic hashes of content to divorce the data from the location. This allows you to trust that you have the right data no matter where it comes from.


The binary format for Spaciousness produces a fixed address length than can be concatenated to navigate the graph. This is much better than URL shortners, which introduce indirection and other potential problems. Working with content addresses avoids this problem. 


In Spaciousness, the base paradigm wraps a BLOB in a map that links other metadata, such as an icon and a scaling algorithm so  you can see a representation quickly. 


In Spaciousness, users can interface via a graph server. A sender can upload a graph with a send predicate. The message itself is an edge document. The recipient does a query for graph edges with the send predicate. The receipient gets the edge and dereferences the content address to get the actual body of the message directly from the sender.


Travis's goal is to bring content addressability to the world of user-centric data management, so a user can manage all of his/her data.


The code is on BitBucket and linked to from baseparadigm.org. It's not stable yet. Travis believes he's about 100 hours out from the baseparadigm code base being stable. By Q4 2012 he plans for it to be ready and stable.



Travis is interested in XDI because it's a binary format, and XDI is a human-readable text format. This has various uses, such as scripting. 


Spaciousness.org has a form to enter information to get updates.





***** NEWS & UPDATES *****


--- Markus gave an update on the demo server




Markus deployed OpenXDI components (oxServer, oxGraph, OxTestTool), as well as the Project Danube XDI Squared (XDI2) server there, and sent an email to the list. XDI TC members who would like access to the server should contact Markus.


We then discussed a domain name for the server. We'd like to use an OASIS domain, e.g. under the oasis-open.org or oasis-idtrust.org domain.


# Drummond will emaill Robin Cover about setting up http://xdi.oasis-open.org.


--- Drummond, Phil, Kari, and Markus reported on insights coming out of XDI dev meetings at Kynetx this past week.


Kari explained that she is working on a mobile personal informatics app that has some reasonably advanced modelling patterns in it. They were an excellent test of the proposed XDI multiplicity and dictionary semantics. 





We still need to complete the prioritization of proposals on the wiki. Drummond has added a page to track issues that do not have full proposal pages yet:







# Markus will add the Category links for the page he created.




Mike said that this is turning into an important use case, so he plans to submit a proposal page about it.





We reviewed the discussion from last week, which still needs to be documented per the action item for Markus above.



***** NEXT CALL *****


Drummond will be in London but is going to try to arrange to stil be available for the standard call. He will send email to the list if it needs any time adjustment.



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