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xdi message

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Subject: Regarding $put / $set

I found this old message on the XDI TC:

At that time I felt XDI needed exactly what Joe Johnston and Peter Hizalev of Respect Network described on a recent call:
An XDI operation that either adds something to the graph, or modifies what's already there, i.e. a combination of the $add and $mod we have now.

This would have the following advantages:
- As an XDI client developer, you wouldn't have to care whether a context node or relation or literal already exists in the graph or not.
- It makes it much easier to implement highly scalable backends for graph storage, based on principles such as Eventual Consistency and Optimistic Replication.
- This operation would align perfectly with HTTP's PUT verb.

Doesn't matter whether we call it $put or $set, same thing, but it seems worthwhile to pick up this topic again on the TC.


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