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Subject: [xliff-comment] Demo of application using XLIFF

The XLIFF application I have been working on is finished enough for a
demonstration. The entire application uses XLIFF files to send to a
translator and to store translated strings returned from the translator.
When the project is built, the XLIFF documents are used (with XSLT) to
produce JavaScript files, XML files (proprietary schema) and XHTML files.
The XHTML files also have skeleton files as mentioned in the XLIFF
specification, but I have not finished that part of the application.

The online demo can be used to edit one of the XLIFF documents used to
produce a JavaScript file. Some of the strings in the JavaScript contain
HTML tags. The tags are hyperlinks, but because I wanted to hide the URL and
other attributes, the hyperlink is converted to a placeholder in the XLIFF
document. When edited, the placeholder appears as a hyperlink, but this is
only for the convenience of the translator.

The editor is Ektron's eWebEditPro+XML. The editor can be used by a
translator to translate the text. It can also be used to create the skeleton
XHTML document (but I don't have a demo yet).

Comments are welcome.

Here is a picture of the editor in a web page:


To try the editor online, visit:


The editor is an ActiveX control that will prompt to be downloaded. MS
Windows is required.


Doug D

Ektron, Inc.
+1 603 594-0249

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