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Subject: Storing characters outside the XML character range in XLIFF.

Is it possible to store characters such as backspace (0x08) or BEL 
(0x07) in the <source> and <target> tag in an XLIFF document
by using a special kind of tag, or do I have to use my own tag in my own 

According to the XML spec, an XML document is not valid if it contains 
one of these. (More precisely, only #x09 (TAB), #x0A and #x0D are the 
allowed characters in the #x00-#x1F range).

This might sound like a strange use-case, but I also want to use the 
same mechanism to preserve things such as carriage return (x#0D), since 
i want to store the XLIFF file with the OS's line-ending style. This 
means that any #x0D that is found during parsing is simply stripped off. 
This ensures that the same information is presented to the translator 
regardless of the line-ending style.
However, if the translator/programmer explicitly used #x0D in the source 
text then I need to escape it in some way to ensure that it won't get 
stripped off.


Jan- Arve Sæther,
Trolltech ASA -  Sandakerveien 116 - PO Box 4332 Nydalen - 0402 Oslo,

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