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Subject: Re: [xliff-comment] Storing characters outside the XML characterrange in XLIFF.

On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 12:37 +0200, Jan-Arve Sæther wrote:

Hi Jean-Arve,

> Is it possible to store characters such as backspace (0x08) or BEL 
> (0x07) in the <source> and <target> tag in an XLIFF document
> by using a special kind of tag, or do I have to use my own tag in my own 
> namespace?
> According to the XML spec, an XML document is not valid if it contains 
> one of these. (More precisely, only #x09 (TAB), #x0A and #x0D are the 
> allowed characters in the #x00-#x1F range).

XLIFF files are XML documents and as such they must conform to XML

You will have to replace backspace and bell characters with tags or use
characters from the Unicode private range [E000-F8FF] to represent them.

Best regards,
Rodolfo M. Raya
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