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Subject: Note on TMX and XLIFF in-line codes

Hi all,

I was looking at the minutes from last XLIFF TC meeting [1] and the latest TMX 2.0 draft [2]. It seems there is a great opportunity
for both TMX and XLIFF to harmonize their content markup (the bpt, ph, g, etc. part of each formats). I really hope this will result
in a *single vocabulary* shared by both formats.

The content of <source>/target> and <seg> has no reason (that I can think of) to be marked up differently: it is the same thing. A
unique vocabulary would also allow utilization in other XML formats and increase interoperability.

I see that the TMX 2.0 specifications seem to be almost final, while XLIFF 2.0 is still far off. I also noticed some aspects that
should likely be in a shared markup that seem to be absent in the TMX 2.0 draft, such as flags indicating whether a code can be
duplicated or not, or if it can be deleted or not.

I would hope things will be discussed and synchronized to allow for a thorough design of the content markup and a real shared
namespace (not just the same tag names). From a technical viewpoint I can't think of any reasons to rush in publishing TMX 2.0. But
I can see many reasons to harmonize it with XLIFF 2.0.


[1]: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/200812/msg00003.html

[2]: http://www.lisa.org/fileadmin/standards/tmx2/tmx.html

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