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Subject: csprd03 - term annotation and ref note

In section " Term Annotation" we have a note that states:

In this annotation type, the XLIFF Core ref attribute is primarily intended to allow for referencing of terminology resources that
are external to the XLIFF Document.

I think this text is not appropriate.

This is a continuation of the discussion started during the second review cycle:
I didn't pursue it then to avoid delaying the 3rd draft, but I'll resume it now.

The text expresses only one opinion on how the references can be used. We have real-life examples of different use cases (I've
pointed to TWAS previously). So the text, while non-normative, is misleading because not only it offers only one view, it suggests
that it is the recommended one.

As for the argument of avoiding reference outside the unit: XLIFF is an exchange format, not a processing one. There can be
perfectly valid reasons to use references outside the unit. The core is (relatively) optimized for streaming, but at some point one
has to give priority to features and flexibility.

So, instead of trying to express two contrary views in a note, I recommend to remove that paragraph completely and let users use ref
as they see fit.


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