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Subject: cos01 comment - default value for order

Editorial comment:

There is no default for the value of the order attribute.

Without a default, implementers are left to guess how the value-less elements should be handled if other elements have a value.

The most logical answer is that when the order attribute is not defined, its implied value is the same as the index value of the
<ignorable>/<segment> element: For example, if the <target> of the second <segment> (or a unit with only <segment> elements) has no
order defined, its implied value is 2, etc.

While it is a bit obvious, I think it would be clearer to make it explicit in the definition of value so the implementers don't have
to guess.

So I would propose to replace:

Default value: undefined

By something like:

Default value: the 1-based index value of the element where the <target> holding the order attribute is defined. For example, if the
order attribute of the <target> of the second <segment> elements of a <unit> made only of <segment> elements is not specified, its
implied value is 2.

Or maybe someone can come up with a better wording.


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