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Subject: [xliff-inline] Isolated paired codes



When looking at the current working draft of the inline markup I only see a short reference to isolated codes in the description of different types of inline codes. Here it seems that the <sc> and <ec> elements should fill this function. But in other places and in the detailed description of these codes they seem to be more akin to the 1.2 <bpt> and <ept> elements. The id and rid attributes are only valid within one segment for example.


I would propose to keep the <bpt>/<ept> like functionality and also integrate the functionality of the isolated (<it> in 1.2) codes in these elements. The most basic way to do this would be to add an optional attribute “isolated” that can be “true” or “false” and defaults to “false”. When sub segmenting and splitting the start and end codes into two different segments it would then be easy to just set the isolated flag. Same when generating the Xliff file from the source document.


For tool agnostic QA check purposes it might be a good idea to provide a non ambiguous way to link the starting and ending codes across segments. If we do that it would in my opinion best be implemented as an optional feature and not part of the core functionality.



Fredrik Estreen

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