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Subject: Content of source/target

Hi all,


Looking at https://github.com/oasis-tcs/xliff-omos-jliff/blob/master/JLIFF-schema-draft/jliff-example3-0.9.3.json


We have:


"source": [ { "text": "Quetzal" } ]


But shouldn’t that be the content set as a separate object in “source”?

Something like:


"source": {

  "cnt": [


      "text": "Quetzal"





The reason being that both source and target can have an xml:lang and/or an xml:space field in addition to their content.

Even if we decide that the xml:space field applies always to both and could be set on the parent sub-unit, we cannot do this for xml:lang, which is mostly set with different values. Or we would have to carry two sub-unit-level fields instead (e.g. srcLang and trgLang), which may be better.

But even in that case, target has also an order field in addition to its content.

I suppose that field could be also carried at the sub-unit level.





Yves Savourel
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