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xliff-schemas message

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Subject: RE: [xliff-schemas] xliff schema sub group...

Hi Enda,

Thanks for chairing the XLIFF sub-committee, and for your initial
mail related to the sub-committee's work.

I am fine with all of the suggestions you have for the working mode.

My first concern wrt. the work of the sub-committee would be
set up a charter. My understanding of the things that should be
tackled is the following:

* get a decision from the XLIFF TC wrt. to the schema dialect that
  should be developed for the TC; of course, we may propose a
  dialect (such a proposal would effectively become our first
  working result)

* decide on the source format for the schema and contemplate
  about the relationship between the source format, the schema,
  and the specification
  - we may come to the conclusion that it makes sense to have
    a source format that differs from the schema dialect that is requested
    by the TC
  - keeping the schema and the specification in lock-step can be
    faciliated if we choose the right means (for example using the
    'documentation' element of XSD and then generating an HTML
    or Word version automatically from this; I can make examples
    available possibly tomorrow)

* reach agreement on how to start the schema; I share your impression
  that David's XSD schema might provide a starting point (especially
  if we choose to make XSD our source format); however, we should
  have a good understanding of the modeling/coding options available
  (and check the David's schema is not too far off the choices we

* find out how we can best get from our 'seed' schema to the schema
  we ultimately recommand to the TC

Wrt. your question related to different schema dialects,Eric van der Vlist's
article 'Comparing XML Schema Languages' (published on
XML.com  <http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2001/12/12/schemacompare.html>
might be worthwhile reading.

Best, Christian
-----Original Message-----
From: Enda McDonnell [mailto:EndaMcD@alchemysoftware.ie]
Sent: Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2002 11:33
To: 'xliff-schemas@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: [xliff-schemas] xliff schema sub group...

Hi guys,
Firstly, could everyone on this list reply, so I know we have the correct
names in the group.  I am expecting that these people are in the group...
David Leland
John Corrigan
Enda McDonnell
Yves Savourel
Eric Friedman
Christian Lieske
Secondly, welcome to the group and I look forward to working with you all.
I set up this smaller email list, so that we could have general discussion
about the various schemas without filling up the other's inboxes.  We can
report to them directly, or via our archive site at...
I am open to the format that we conduct this group's work. Here are some
We have some email discussion about any suggestions, like David's.  
We meet by phone at least once before the main group meeting, if not more
frequently.  Anyone can suggest a time for a meeting.
We need to make sure main group has an opportunity to take part in our
discussion - we can invite subscription to this group or we can simply
ensure that the meeting minutes and email trails are available on our
archive site.
Could we have comment on the above please?
Regarding the schemas...
I think what David has send around looks like an exelent place to start some
Is this an automatically generated fille based on the DTD?
There was some mention about various schema formats. I am not aware of
these, could somebody explain.  Are we simply talking about storing the same
information in different ways, i.e. DTD, XSD, HTML(for easy viewing), etc.?

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From: dcpleland@ftnetwork.com [mailto:dcpleland@ftnetwork.com]
Sent: 06 February 2002 11:17
To: xliff@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [xliff] Attn: Schema subcommittee - W3C Schema draft

Hi John Corrigan, Edna McDonnel, Yves Savourel, Eric Freeman and Christian
Apologies to all others if this is superfluous.
Attached please find a draft W3C Schema that I generated. I present as a
starting point for discussion.
David L

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