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Subject: [xliff] Re-formatted Specification

Hi everyone,

The re-formatted XLIFF 1.0 Specification and DTD have been posted and our
OASIS page updated.

The latest version of the specs is (and will always be now) at:

The versioning mechanism is similar to the one used at the W3C: current and
previous versions are kept in the same folder and named as followed:
xliff-YYYYMMDD.html (where YYYYMMDD is the date of the revision).
- Each revision has a link to the latest version, and the previous version.
- Each revision has a list of the changes from the previous revision in the
Appendix C (as in 'Changes').

The original spec produced by the DataDefinition group is also available for
historical purpose at:

Any time you find typos, error, etc., please let me know so we can keep the
documents as clean as possible.


[And for the people who like numbers: the current specification has 922
links, 6,671 tags, 1,622 lines, 1,166 paragraphs, and 8,721 words. It's 42
US-Letter pages if you print it.]

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