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Subject: [xliff] Friday meeting so far

Hi all,

Notes so far from Friday's meeting (Lunch-time)


Face to Face Meeting Friday

Attendance: Tony, John Corrigan, Matt, Yves, Christian, Peter, Gerard, John
Reid, Enda
Observer: Mirek

We started the day looking at the three major issues which we would like to
deal with.
	1.	Spec refinement clean-up naming conventions
	2.	Formal extensibility
	3.	Migration strategy and support

We also decided to use break-out groups to speed up the process.

It was agreed that by lunch-time we should come up with bullet points: 
relating to our Migration requirements
Strategy for 1.0 refinement/ clean-up
Strategy for formal extensibility.

Migration strategy
* Can deprecation be used - for how long - what about uniqueness 
Transformations part of compliance requirements
* Do not change required elements  and attributes - If semantics change the
name should change
Responsibility to existing users
Enumerated lists a potential issue if closed
Just because there is a difficulty migrating from 1.0 to 1.1 we should make
sure that there is not the same pain.
* A dot release may have stronger rules on changes than a full number
release. Should they have separate migration strategies. What are the
attributes of large small changes.
Food-chain migration . - Compliance issue
Save as versioning. - Compliance issue
* Namespace per version
Tools process earlier versions
* Backward compatibility Version 1.1 tools can cope with 1.0- Tool based
* Forward compatibility???
Check spec regarding current compliance policy
* Need statement for how to deal with changes in other standards
Migration guidelines with XSLT where appropriate.

	* - means the issue is seen as important and needs further

Strategy for Spec 1.0 refinement
1 1.0 implementation specific

2 Enumerated lists (closed)

3 Prop element

4 Tools specific

5 Mime type
5.2 Base64
5.3 RFC2046 
5.4 Spec will say 'Value can be mime-type'

6 Interoperability
See also: Prop element.
See also: Enumerated lists (closed).
6.1 Standards compatible
6.1.1 Use other standards where appropriate
6.2 Tool neutral data containers
6.3 XLIFF as a single data format
6.4 Publisher/ Vendor interchange
6.5 Facilitates end to end strategy which is tool and development neutral
6.6 Formal extensibility

7 Metrics
7.1 Word count
7.1.1 Lisa Group: Segmentation and word count
	Inactive at moment
7.1.2 No other standards
7.1.3 Need count element
	Algorithm version
	Tool version
	Configuration file ref
	Unit (Close?)
	Want to count alt-trans ?

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3, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353-1-202-1280
Fax: +353-1- 202-1299
Web Site: http//www.berlitzglobalnet.com
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