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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC August 6th. 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF TC August 6th. 2002

1/ Attendance:  Mark Levins, Christian Lieske, Mat Lovatt, John Reid, Peter
Reynolds, Yves Savourel, Mirek Driml, Gérard Cattin des Bois, David Pooley.
Apologies: Jonathan Clark, Tony Jewtushenko, John Corrigan, Enda McDonnell,
Reinhard Schaler

2/ Minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a correct record with one
clarification. In the section where it states that Mark will clarify the
'content-type' the should be 'context-type'.

3/ Heidelberg LISA conference
Christian, Yves, Gerard and David are attending this conference.
Christian and Yves are preparing a presentation on XLIFF for the conference.
They have to send a draft in by August 15th. and slides by October 4th. They
may ask the rest of the TC for comments on the slides.
David has expressed a willingness to be part of a panel discussion.

Face to Face meeting
It was proposed that we will hold a face to face meeting at Heidelberg.
Christian is checking if we can use the Video conferencing facilities at
SAP. Participants from Dublin and the US could then join the meeting by
video conference. It was proposed that this meeting will take place on
Wednesday November 6th. Gerard will talk to LISA and express our interest in
having a meeting as part of this conference. The benefits of having this
meeting at LISA and meeting up with people looking at similar issues such as
the OSCAR group were pointed out.

4/ XLIFF 1.1 Work in progress
Migration strategy
It was proposed by Peter and seconded by Mark that we should look at the
issues which John Reid raised in relation to the Migration strategy.
John introduced his document which deals with some issues in the migration
strategy document.
Certification - It was agreed that this word had connotations of certifying
a tool and should be changed to qualification.
In the second line of the minor changes 'Shall' is changed to 'May' 
It was agreed to change the first line of 'Support for existing users' to
'Support for deprecated elements, values or attribute names, at least until
next Major version number revision' and the second line to 'On a Minor
release no list may be closed, if it was open in a previous release. On a
Major release a list may be closed'. 
It was agreed to change the 'Rule for name changes' point to 'The names of
required elements and attributes will not be changed. However, a new
element/attribute may be added that has different semantics. The new
element/attribute would replace the current required element/attribute, may
or may not be required, and may or may not be deprecated. The replaced
element/attribute would no longer be required'.
It was agreed to change the User migration assistance to 
'For each major release it is the intention of the Technical Committee to
make available the following material:
*	A Migration Policy Statement 
*	A Migration guidelines white paper 
*	A "Migration Support Kit" - containing Whitepaper, Sample Files, and
possibly sample XSLT's '

John will sent out the revised migration strategy document and the TC will
have until the end of this week for clarifications or corrections. No new
suggestions will be accepted at this stage. Peter will send out a ballot on
Thursday and this ballot will be expected back by August 19th.

4/ It was decided that due to time considerations the meeting will be
Next Meeting is August 20th. Jonathan will be asked to chair this meeting.

Peter Reynolds, Software Development Manager, Berlitz GlobalNET
3, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353-1-202-1280
Fax: +353-1- 202-1299
Web Site: http//www.berlitzglobalnet.com
"Don't just translate it, BerlitzIT" http//www.berlitzIT.com 

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