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Subject: [xliff] Draft Presentation for LISA Forum

Hi everyone,

Christian and I have been working on the presentation for the LISA forum,
Tony has also gave a lot of input before leaving for vacation. I've attached
the draft for your input, it's still under construction, but at least there
is a general plan and some content.

Here are some notes:

- Slide #5: Not sure if we need to include the charter. the slide just
before summarize it, but it may be nice for people to have it in their
printouts (the speaker can skip quickly through it).

- Slide #15: Tony wanted a 'case study' if I understand well he meant an
example of 'how it was before adopting XLIFF' and 'how it is now'. Any
ideas? [Keep in mind there are already a little too many slides].

- Slides #20 to #35: I still need to work on the snippets of example (they
should be valid already, but I need to make them more 'realistic'). [We'll
have also a full-blown XLIFF document that uses all those features, as

- The Slides for Part III (The Real World) are very rought draft, most of it
will be actual demo rather than slides. I'm still working on the demo part.

- Slides #46 is currently the last one, the one after are just scrap from
previous drafts that I didn't want to loose in case they were going to be

Any comments, ideas, feedback, typo/grammar/spelling corrections are
Deadline for sending the slides to LISA is Oct-4th, so plenty of time.

Have a good week-end,

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