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Subject: [xliff] Minutes of the XLIFF TC October 1st, 2002

Minutes of the XLIFF TC October 1st, 2002

1/ Attendance: Jonathan Clark, Christian Lieske, Mat Lovatt, John Reid, Yves Savourel, Enda McDonnell, David Pooley, Gérard Cattin des Bois, Peter Reynolds, Ian Dunlop, Bryan Schnabal.
Apologies: John Corrigan, Mark Levins, Tony Jewtushenko, Reinhard Schaler

2/ Bryan Schnabal was welcomed as a new member of the TC.

3/ Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed. John proposed them as a correct record and David seconded this.

4/ We noted Oasis new procedure for reviewing specs. This will now be done monthly instead of quarterly.

5/ XLIFF work in progress
Formal Extensibility - Yves mentioned that only John had sent him a list of values he would like included. The deadline for submitting values is October 9th. Christian has suggested that we should look at the XUL specification and see if this or some of it can be used.
The issue of validating XLIFF if it uses another namespace was mentioned. Yves suggested one possibility was to not provide validation for values. It was decided that Jonathan and Peter would write to Karl Best and ask how other Oasis groups deal with this issue and we would decide on this issue at our next meeting.
Embedded XLIFF - There was some discussion as to how the localisation directives proposal will work. Enda volunteered to try and use this with another schema to see how effective it would be.  Gerard was also asked to send the TC his thoughts on embedded XLIFF before the next meeting.
Embedded XLIFF will be the main topic at the next meeting.

Context-group - John has considered sending a proposal  to review the context-group element but has decided against this at present.

6/ Schedule review and progress
It was agreed that October 9th would be the date for publishing the next version of the working draft. We will aim to have release candidate 1 by October 29 but this is dependent on resolving all outstanding issues before then. It was agreed that as the Embedded XLIFF (Localisation directives) was the issue which needed most work and would be the primary agenda item for our next meeting.

7/ Face to face meeting
This will take place on Monday November 4th. We will have a test run of the video conferencing facility on the preceding Friday. Jonathan has offered his teleconference facilities for the face to face meeting.
Yves and Christian's presentation to the LISA meeting will be on November 6th.

8/ LRC conference
Patrick Gannon of Oasis is scheduled to speak at this.

9/ Next meeting: October 15th.

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